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The Elite Journey Sustainability Camp is a short-term, residential programme running in Green School in Bali

In a combination of Art and Science, this camp combines important sustainability science, filmmaking, and a location connected to nature to develop valuable skills. Inside and out of class, you will learn everything you need to know to create the nature documentary

  • How to be persuasive and create a story in your nature documentary

  • The science background about biodiversity and sustainability, this will be hands-on where possible

  • How to invent, record, and edit your film

  • Interviewing and presentational skills

Students will  gain hands-on experience and mentoring in critical thinking and film-making. We aim to empower young people to reach their full potential to become role models for the future and shape a new, sustainable world.

Click here to register your interest and download the programme brochure, ready for applications to open.

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The Elite Journey Nature Documentary Camp is the perfect opportunity for students to put their creative skills and sustainability knowledge into practise!

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At the Elite Journey Nature Documentary Camp, we focus on English language and film making through environment and sustainability themes, with a particular emphasis on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



On this camp, you and your classmates will be a filmmaking team to make a nature documentary. Like real explorers, you will spend time in beautiful natural scenes, discover amazing animals and plants, record what you find, and pull it together to make a story.

Your final films will include a sustainability call to action, which means that you will share an important message with the audience in a way that helps inspires them to make a positive change.

By the end of the camp, you will share your nature documentary at a judged film screening. 

Along this journey, you will develop skills that will be incredibly useful in your personal lives, education, and later work, such as teamwork, persuasiveness, communication, creativity, technology skills, and global awareness.

Each of you will step into a different role in the documentary team. Will you be the director that comes up with the creative vision, a plant or animal expert who guides the science of the documentary, the camera operator that takes the shots, or one of the other many roles?

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Located in the heart of the Balinese Jungle

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Located in the heart of the Balinese Jungle, students get a unique, immersive and hands-on experience, exploring the rich biodiversity that Indonesia has to offer.

As a student on this camp, there are many exciting highlights

  1. Learning about nature by being within it

  2. Thrilling Bali Green school activities, including raft building, kayaking, and a trip to the beach

  3. You will have a ‘Field Guide’ containing plants and animals that you can find throughout the camp by exploring the surroundings. In Bali, students can combine their Field Guide with the jungle safari activity – will you find monkeys, rusa deer, or even some snakes?

  4. You will get the amazing cultural exchange opportunity to interview local Bali students, to learn their views on the impact of climate change on biodiversity, and how wildlife loss affects their lives

  5. When you have finished your documentary, you will have a film that you can be proud of, can share with your friends and family, and can look back on to remember your camp experience


 It is through this connection that students learn to care deeply about the world around them and start their journey to become accountable global citizens .


For more information on the Sustainability Camp, download our brochure below! 

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Click here to register your interest and download the programme brochure, ready for applications to open.

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