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Our programmes consist of ground-breaking extra-curricular camps, classes and competitions to support the development of role models for the future and cultural exchange. 

The curriculum, for ages 8 through to 18, covers four areas which build these role model skills:

  • Public Speaking & Debate

  • STEAM & Entrepreneurship

  • Academic & Creative Writing

  • University Admissions

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Court Case Debate Camp
Location: China
Opportunity: In-person Mentoring

Given a trial with multiple suspects, students put their public speaking and debate skills to the test to argue who is guilty. This fun residential camp is a fantastic opportunity to grow the plethora of skills required for successful public debating.

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Leadership Camp
Location: China
Opportunity: In-person Mentoring

With engaging presidential debates to tense votes, students learn formal debate whilst competing to be the ruler of the school, country, or world. In this residential camp, we target the development of skills, such as teamwork, critical thinking, and communication. 

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Indestructible City STEM Camp
Location: China
Opportunity: In-person Mentoring

In this residential camp, students are given a doomed island that is battered by tsunamis, hurricanes, and more. Students learn and apply knowledge to build and present a model of an indestructible city.

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Study Tours
Location: China, Australia, Japan
Opportunity: In-person Mentoring

Study tours are an opportunity for students to get out of the classroom and discover new experiences, from learning about the night sky in remote China in the Astronomy Tour to exploring a different culture in the Japan Tour.

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Time to Talk Course
Location: China
Opportunity: In-person Mentoring

Over 12 weekends, students find their voice by learning the basics of public speaking. This knowledge is put into practice when students create and present their own speeches.

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Debate Competition
Location: Virtual
Opportunity: Online Judging

Hundreds of teams from across China debate current issues, like international pandemic response and sustainability. The teams battle each other until someone is crowned the debate champion.

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STEAM Competition
Location: Virtual
Opportunity: Online Judging

In this student-driven competition, students are given a sustainability STEAM challenge to test their skills, such as creating the fastest possible model electric car. The top scorers combine precision engineering and outstanding science presentations.

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Space Masterclass
Location: Virtual
Opportunity: Online Mentoring

As members of the Pineapple Space Agency, students learn about space, physics, and human exploration to discover mysterious ‘Superheavy Elements’ on other worlds. Aided by practical demonstrations, students consider how to launch rockets, create bases, design spaceships and more.


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