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Our programmes consist of ground-breaking extra-curricular camps, classes and competitions to support the development of role models for the future and cultural exchange. 

The curriculum, for ages 8 through to 18, covers four areas which build these role model skills:

  • Public Speaking & Debate

  • STEAM & Entrepreneurship

  • Academic & Creative Writing

  • University Admissions

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Hosted within the prestigious university of Cambridge, our Future Careers Summer School offers a range of exciting career exploration courses for students aged 12-16 eager to discover career pathways in various fields. Our dynamic courses blend interactive lectures, hands-on projects mirroring real world experiences, and insightful field visits. Each program is crafted to align with future career trends, nurturing essential skills such as teamwork, problem solving, communication, and project management – a holistic preparation for success in the workplace of tomorrow. Our mission is clear: to provide a unique and invaluable learning experience that helps students figure out where their interests lie and get excited about what their future holds! 


This summer school is more than an academic endeavour. From punting on the river to watching the famous Shakespeare Festival shows, from murder mystery to quiz nights, students will truly immerse themselves in a bustling calendar of cultural and social activities. 


STEAM Competition
Location: Virtual
Opportunity: Online Judging

In this student-driven competition, students are given a sustainability STEAM challenge to test their skills, such as creating the fastest possible model electric car. The top scorers combine precision engineering and outstanding science presentations.

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Debate Competition
Location: Virtual
Opportunity: Online Judging

Hundreds of teams from across China debate current issues, like international pandemic response and sustainability. The teams battle each other until someone is crowned the debate champion.

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Space Masterclass
Location: Virtual
Opportunity: Online Mentoring

As members of the Pineapple Space Agency, students learn about space, physics, and human exploration to discover mysterious ‘Superheavy Elements’ on other worlds. Aided by practical demonstrations, students consider how to launch rockets, create bases, design spaceships and more.


Interested in mentoring with us?  

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